An important thing to ask yourself as a personal trainer is “Why should people train with me?” This is a question you will inevitably get from potential clients. Answering the following questions can give you more confidence in what you have to offer and will certainly help to prepare you for meeting with a potential client.

  • What educational qualifications do I have? Fitness certifications? Degrees?
  • What experience do I have? How many years have I been training and with what type of clientele have I successfully worked with?
    • Hint: Can I provide an example of a client similar to my potential client who has had positive results from working with me?
  • Do I specialize in a particular area? What is my specialty area or niche?
  • Can I pay close attention to my clients and help them with correct exercise technique, order, form, reps/sets, etc. in order to help them safely and effectively reach their goals?
  • Will I periodically be evaluating/testing/assessing the client? How and when?
  • How will I be keeping track of the client’s progress?
  • Do I have references or testimonials to show the client?
  • Do I have a CPR certification?
  • Do I have Insurance?
  • How will I accept payments and what is my fee structure?
  • Do I offer different training options to my clients?
    • ie: ½ hour sessions, 1x per week, 2x per week, 3x per week, etc. When they can’t make a session because they are out of town, do I have any “being away options” or “do it yourself options” for them?
  • What expectations do I have of my clients? Do I need them to bring a HR monitor, wear appropriate tennis shoes, bring water, a towel, etc. Each trainer may have different requirements of their clients.

Being able to answer these questions now will prepare you in answering potential clients. It will build your confidence in your services. And they will see this confidence and be more drawn to work with you. Being prepared to answer any question is key to winning over potential clients.

What are some other questions you can ask yourself to be more prepared when talking with potential clients?

Jeff Drock

President and founder of the Home Fitness Professionals Association Has worked within the fitness industry for over 15 years. Jeff received his master’s degree in Sport Behavior and Performance from Miami University and has obtained several fitness certifications including: National Strength and Conditioning Association/Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Etcheberry Performance/Tennis Physical Conditioning Specialist, Institute of Human Performance/Functional Training Specialist, Cooper Institute/Certified Fitness Advisor, International Fitness Professionals Association/Certified Fitness Trainer, and Life Fitness/Gold Certified Specialist.

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