So, where is the work? The answer to that question is super important to those looking to start a career in personal training, as well as current trainers who are looking for career growth or looking to simply shake things up a bit.

We all know to look to gyms and private fitness studios when searching for employment. However, a recent survey of NFPT trainers revealed that the list of places to include in a search should be much longer. Some places many may never have thought of. Here are just a few:

Apartment Complexes

Why they’re so great: You’ll have a concentrated, diverse group of people right there, possibly all eligible by residency to participate in your program. You can even tailor special programs and boot camps based on the needs of residents. If you already have a niche, check into apartments that cater to your target clientele. You can find apartments for singles, retirement, assisted living, etc. Check with the complex’s activity director or management team to find out information about getting on board.

Community Centers

Why they’re so great: You’ll be making a positive impact on the community. You’ll also work with a diverse group of people and age groups, depending on the center. There are great possibilities, with some centers offering consultations, group fitness classes, personal training sessions, sports, and aquatics classes to their members. Some enters offer special events and clinics which can be great opportunities for you to promote your services and your brand.

In addition, you may qualify for extra perks. Every center will be different in policy, of course, but several offer free or reduced membership to all staff.

Online Training

Why it’s so great: It’s done online! Not only does that offer an added level of convenience for your clients; there’s also this: Your reach is boundless, which means your potential client base is infinite. More?

With several fitness companies and trainers joining the streaming revolution, online training is gaining in popularity. You’ll be keeping yourself competitive, and benefitting from the latest in fitness trends. If you record your sessions and market, you could continue to pull in revenue for work already done.

Are you already a personal trainer? Leave a comment about the type of training facility you prefer and why it’s so great. Your answer might be featured in Part 2!

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Tanisha Rule

Tanisha Rule has a BA in English and is a former Mad Dogg-certified Spinning instructor. She taught indoor cycle and boot camp and has now combined her passions as a full-time writer for the health and fitness industries, check out her site at If she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found happily training for an endurance event, likely after having said, “This is my last one for a while,” because there is no finish line; there is only progress.