A lot of being a personal trainer is educating your clients on what you know. This transfer of knowledge can be a tricky thing. Especially when what you may think you know as fact is actually just bad advice. Usually on Wednesdays we give advice to our trainers. Today I am discussing the worst advice personal trainers can give.

Specific area exercises to target your fat loss

This is just a blatant lie. There is no way to specifically target an area of fat with specific exercises. Although it would be a pretty convenient trick. It is exactly that: a trick. If clients come in asking about this, inform them immediately. This is one of those pieces of advice that we need to be actively denying as true. Educate your clients on the truth and hopefully they can pass it on.

If you want to lose weight, you just have to exercise

While exercise is a huge part of losing weight, it is not the only factor. Losing weight is about putting fewer calories into your body. Eat healthier foods and fewer calories. That is what will make the difference in weight loss. As a CPT, you are not technically qualified to be giving dieting advice. Give your clients tips if they ask, but refer them to a trusted nutritionist for a full assessment.

Cardio is all you need

Cardio is only one aspect of a healthy workout. You need to incorporate weight training into your clients’ workouts. You will most likely have the most trouble convincing your women clients. They are afraid of bulking up with muscle instead of slimming down. The fact is that weight training will help them lose more fat than they’ll gain in muscle.

Here are some exercises to shape your muscles how you want them to look

This is one that guys who are looking to shape their muscles don’t want to hear. “Muscle shaping exercises” do not work. The way your muscles are shaped are not up to you. It is genetics and cannot be changed by switching your routine up. Some people have biceps that have a long peak. Some have a small peak. And others hardly have a peak at all. It is just the way your body is made and you cannot change it. Some people like Arnold Schwarzenegger are just blessed with the perfect shaped bicep!

The best time to work out is morning/night

Hard work, consistency with your diet and workouts, and adequate rest and recovery are what matter most. Have your clients work out when they want to work out. Make sure they fit it into their schedule when it is convenient for them. The big thing is being consistent with their workouts. They don’t need to always be at the same time, just that they are consistently happening.

What is some more bad advice that you’ve been given or heard of? Let’s get rid of these myths once and for all!



Blake Wade

As NFPT’s Vocational Director, Blake is a vital tech support entity for personal trainers with questions. Blake attended Vincennes University, has 10 years experience in the fitness industry and has his NFPT CPT certification.


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