11728260 - business people abstract background blur motionNo fuss, no equipment, quick boot camp routines…instructors need those. Here’s an example of a super-simple 50-minute group routine that works for indoor or outdoor. All you’ll need is the stopwatch feature on your phone and a bit of enthusiasm.

Divide the class into three groups, and start one group at stations one, two, and three for four rotations. Each group spends two minutes at each station. Allow 20-30 seconds for station switching.

Warmup (entire class together)– five minutes

Station One– push-ups with progressive difficulty

Rotation one- regular push-ups

Rotation two- add five-seconds in the lowered position

Rotation three- add ten-seconds in the lowered position

Final rotation- one leg elevated, parallel to the ground

Station Two– burpees

Station Three– lunges

Rotation one- in-place lunges

Rotation two- walking lunges

Rotation three- reverse lunges

Final rotation- “around the clock” lunges (face the 12 o’clock position, lunge forward with the right leg, pull back and lunge slight right to 1 o’clock etc. At the 6 o’clock position, switch legs to complete the clock and lunge with the left leg.)

Station Four– Everyone back together for a “mini-break” where instructor leads light aerobic movements such as jumping jacks, or jogging in place.

Repeat for four full rotations

Cool Down- five minutes

Now how simple is that? No equipment set up, no break down.


What to love about this routine

The entire routine works perfectly with everyone exercising together as a unit, but having separate groups gives participants a chance to encourage each other while the instructor visits different stations.

It can also take the “pressure” off since clients won’t constantly be under a watchful gaze. Plus, it helps further establish self-accountability and create a super-social environment where hard work is still getting done.


Bottom line

It always feels awesome to have something elaborate planned and have all equipment in the trunk and ready to go, all the music in perfect order, and be right on time to set up every time. But, that’s not going to happen. Whether it’s traffic, a faulty alarm clock, or just the need for a mental break, a situation will come when a quick-fast-and-easy workout routine will come in handy. Go ahead and add this one to your arsenal!


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Tanisha Rule

Tanisha Rule

Tanisha Rule has a BA in English and is a former Mad Dogg-certified Spinning instructor. She taught indoor cycle and boot camp and has now combined her passions as a full-time writer for the health and fitness industries, check out her site at www.ruleboutiquewritingservices.com. If she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found happily training for an endurance event, likely after having said, “This is my last one for a while,” because there is no finish line; there is only progress.