As a gym member, I have been with my current gym for 8 years now.  I am an entrepreneur and very focused on the companies I create and work at.  So, as I ended my last company, my mind started to wander, thinking about next opportunities.

I was looking at my gym’s trainer board, where all the trainers’ names, pictures and certifications are displayed, and realized there has been a large amount of trainer turnover.  I have made friends with many trainers that are no longer working at my gym.  Where did they go?  Do they need to start over every time?  Do they keep in touch with any of their old clients?

As a gym member and not privy to behind-the-scenes of the fitness industry, I started asking questions.  From the answers, I realized, whether an employee or independent trainer, your business is limited to the members in that gym.  The gym membership is limited to about a 5-10 mile radius.  Now I understand why the trainers do the hard sell…that is their income!  Luckily, gym member turnover is high and there is a constant pool of new members to whom to sell.

As an Independent trainer, you sometimes settle for the gym space you can get.  Paying more and earning less is never fun.  So….I thought…there must be a better way!  And I founded GymLynx back in July 2014.  An online marketplace where fitness trainers and instructors can browse, compare and rent space by the hour, from gyms and studios, for personal training or group classes.

No more settling.  Find the space you want, at the price you want, in a location you want, and at the time you want.

Renting space for a flat hourly fee provides a lot of flexibility.  No more costly monthly contracts or unfair revenue-share deals.  Lead as many or as little number of classes as you like, when you like.  Rent two separate spaces in two different locations for two separate classes…to accommodate more clients and expand your territory beyond the normal 5-10 mile radius…you drive to them.  A positive side-effect is that the closer your classes are to your clients, the less number of “too far to drive” client excuse cancellations you may have.  You can even vary workouts.  Have you tried jumping on a trampoline for a cardio workout?  Or a rock climbing wall for an arm & leg workout?  All this flexibility with a low flat hourly rental fee.

Remove your artificial ceiling on the number of clients and your earnings, by sitting in a single gym or studio all day.  Start earning more money and having more fun.  Take control over your business.

If you have questions, leave me a comment below.

Matthew Feldman 
is president and CEO of GymLynx, Inc., Matt4GymLynxan online marketplace where fitness trainers and instructors can browse, compare and rent space by the hour from gyms and studios, for personal training or group classes. Whether for physical, recreational, emotional or spiritual activities, no memberships required. To join for FREE or for more information, go to


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