Sometimes it can be difficult to sell individual personal training sessions. One-on-one personal training can range from $70-$150 per hour, which can add up to big bucks for those people who do not have disposable incomes.  Even when potential clients have been educated on the importance of training, they may consider it an unnecessary luxury and decide to take classes or work out on their own.

As a certified personal trainer (CPT), you can put your one-on-one knowledge to use in a small group setting. This is where groups of 3-10 people work out with you, but pay a fraction of the price of an individual session.  As the trainer, you should make sure the group doesn’t get too large so that they do not sacrifice proper attention to each participant.

There are benefits to both the client and the fitness professional with group training. Clients receive a smaller, but still personalized program, and they have the benefit of working closely with a fitness professional.   It is also very cost-effective. Prices can range from $20-$35 a person.  At the same time, trainers benefit because they can preserve their client base since clients are paying lower hourly fees and therefore are less likely to stop training. It also winds up being economically advantageous to the fitness professional. In fact, trainers actually end up making more money per hour in group sessions even though each person is paying less than one individual session!

Group training is popular because it creates camaraderie among participants. People derive many benefits to working with a group. Group members establish relationships and make friends and want to return to working out with their friends to be social. Participants motivate each other and help each other stay disciplined and focused. Groups are like clubs that people want to belong to so they can share similar experiences.

There is no downside to small group training – only benefit. Incorporate it into your practice so clients and trainers can receive the benefits.

Denise Groothuis

Denise Groothuis MS, RD and CPT has a BS from Cornell University and an MS in Applied Physiology and Nutrition from Columbia University. She is certified by the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) and licensed by the Commission on Dietetic Registration through the Academy of Nutrition of Dietetics. She is a personal trainer and RD with her own nutritional practice, Worth Your Weight Nutrition Experts.