The old saying is you don’t have to beat your head against a brick wall to know that it’ll hurt. Good to know. But, what about those things that aren’t so easy to figure out? Those things that we wish would come naturally or logically just by putting two and two together.

There is a way to acquire knowledge and guidance without having to experience all the mistakes that result in wisdom.

Savvy business people already understand the value of mentors and seek them out for different areas of expertise. Having a good mentor, or team of mentors, has many benefits. A good mentor can introduce you to like-minded people in your field and help you grow your professional network.


A mentor can also give you unbiased feedback that might be harder to come by when speaking with family or friends. It’s not that the mentor doesn’t care about you. It’s that they speak from a professional standpoint. What they say won’t be so much about what you want to hear as much as what you need to know to succeed.

But, don’t stop at one mentor. Different people have different areas of expertise. Just because someone runs a successful business doesn’t mean he knows and understands all the ends and out of what you’re specifically trying to achieve.

Here are a few types of mentors that can be invaluable in helping you grow your personal training business…or any business, really.

The Been-There-Done-It Mentor

This person is someone in your industry who has done, or is doing, successfully what you see yourself doing. They have been at it considerably longer than you, and have an arsenal of experiences to draw from and can help you avoid pitfalls they dealt with in their career.


The Marketing Expert Mentor

This is someone you need to get to know if your weakness is selling and marketing. Your very business may depend on it. They might have skills in web marketing and social media, or they might be able to give you pointers on improving your in-person presentation. They can assess what you might be doing wrong when it comes to engaging your audience and help you identify what you need to do in addition.


The Business Mentor

The business mentor is the person you can bounce your ideas off, and get feedback and suggestions on running a viable, competitive business. They might be able to take a look at your written business plan and help you tweak it to better, or more realistically, achieve your goals.


Wouldn’t we all like to pick the brain of a talented businessperson? The good news is that many successful people are more than happy to help someone. You find them by being open to meeting new people. Plain and simple.

Talk up your business. Join professional organizations, and then attend their meetings and events. Don’t just pay dues to be able to say you’re a member. Take advantage of the benefits.

Also, make yourself known in your community. Entrepreneurs are everywhere, and you never know who you’re going to meet. Whatever types of mentor you think would be best for you, just be sure to get out there, introduce yourself, and seek knowledge.

Don’t forget to give knowledge along the way. Everyone has something helpful to share.


Tanisha Rule

Tanisha Rule has a BA in English and is a former Mad Dogg-certified Spinning instructor. She taught indoor cycle and boot camp and has now combined her passions as a full-time writer for the health and fitness industries, check out her site at If she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found happily training for an endurance event, likely after having said, “This is my last one for a while,” because there is no finish line; there is only progress.