As a personal trainer, you already eat, breathe and live fitness. Now, you just need to show off a little. Not in a cocky way, just in an informative way. Show your audience exactly what they would experience if they worked with you.

All of your different marketing channels need to paint a picture. Take your audience through the entire fitness experience you provide before they even walk through your door. Now, don’t take me literal here. I’m not suggesting you write up a 20-point-step-by-step, “Here’s what you can expect” document. I’m not even suggesting you share a great deal of your tips or tricks for free by creating “how to” videos or workout guides.

Instead, use visuals like pictures, videos and infographics to simply highlight your facility, show you “at work” and guide potential clients through your process. And, start a blog to share more about why you do what you do. Not only will this make coming in the gym for the first time less intimidating, but this will help attract the clients you want – the clients who fit your system.

…and Tell

Interest will peak if you can truly show and tell what it would be like to train with you. People will want to hear more about you, but not necessarily from you…

They will want to hear from someone who has “been there and done that.” They’ll want to hear from your current clients. Create a direct link between potential clients and current clients. You can do this by hosting meet and greets, starting an e-newsletter and inviting them to join your online community on Facebook. You can even ask them to “check in” on Foursquare and Facebook before each session.

Also, encourage feedback on your business listings after their workout. And, when you hear great feedback from a client, get it in writing – ask them to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn. You can also publish those accolades to your website on a page devoted to testimonials.

You are providing a phenomenal service to people. You are helping your clients live healthier, happier, fuller lives, and they cherish you for it. Make no mistake about it. Don’t be afraid to ask them for a little endorsement.

You could shout until you are blue in the face about how great you are, but it won’t be nearly as effective as when those who you’ve helped vouch for your hard work, knowledge and encouraging attitude.