Finally, an easy-to-use, adaptive solution to sandbag training!

About the ULTIMATE SANDBAG Core Fitness System


The Ultimate Sandbag was created in 2005 by Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, as a means to help a severe back injury that both ended his athletic career and hampered him in his daily life.
Sandbag training showed great potential by being able to reach new muscles and help the stabilizers of the body, the same muscles Coach Henkin believed were weak and led to his injury.


The unique qualities and the effectiveness of the sandbag training inspired Coach Henkin to write his first book, “Sandbag FUNdamentals” in 2005. Excited about the potential of sandbag training, Coach Henkin also understood its limitations. Traditional sandbags are dirty, difficult to implement, and just plain awkward to use!

Determined to correct the inherent limitations of traditional sandbags, Henkin set to work designing an innovative tool with the demands of fitness and sports performance training in mind.

Adaptive Stability

While most other fitness tools have the same basic dimensions, the Ultimate Sandbag comes in three very different sizes. This not only allows the manipulation of weight, it allows the fitness professional to alter the level of stability of the training implement. The Ultimate Sandbag can be made variable in its stability — something no other training tool can match!


By being able to transform between varying levels of stability, the Ultimate Sandbag can be the perfect tool to create corrective exercises or for advancing to more complex movement patterns.


For more stable exercises, such as the Bear Hug Squat, the Ulimate Sandbag removes the challenge of teaching how to squat properly and puts the user in the proper position every time. This makes it possible for even the most difficult client squat right from day one!


More complex patterns, such as the Rotational Lunge, not only make for the most interesting multi-planar exercises, but these movements have been shown to burn more calories and create a significantly higher heart rate than popular fat loss exercises such as the kettlebell swing.


Want to Know More?


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The Ultimate Sandbag Advantage 


  • Is made with a highly durable, easy-to-clean, easy- to-grip, non-abrasive vinyl exterior
  • Comes with 11 holding positions for building progressive exercises
  • Is available in 3 sizes to customize stabilty

The Ulitimate Sandbag & Dynamic Variable Resistance Training

Even with numerous benefits of Ultimate Sandbags, the best aspect lies in the unique training system that Josh Henkin has created, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT). Never before has there been a system that taught how to properly implement variable resistance tools such as the Ultimate Sandbag into fitness programs.

Understanding proper exercise progression and all the variables in the DVRT program quickly transforms the Ultimate Sandbag into the premier functional fitness tool. Coach Henkin has brought his DVRT System to over 10 countries and to some of the top training facilities in the United States.

Coach Henkin has made his program available with 10 Ultimate Sandbag Training DVDs as well as his new book “Ultimate Sandbag Training for Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and Fitness Enthusiasts”. The Ultimate Sandbag has also been featured on popular television shows such as “The Biggest Loser”, “Losing It”, “Access Hollywood”, and publications such as “Men’s Health”, “Experience Life Magazine”, “Details Magazine”, and “SWAT Magazine”.

Fitness professionals from around the globe are realizing the impact of the DVRT Program. With over 400 exercises available, the DVRT system is hands down the best training system to help your clients achieve results that they never thought possible. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is not just sandbag training, it is the evolution of functional fitness programs for the millennium.





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