Summer is here! The temperature is warming up, the sun is out and your clients want to enjoy the nice weather as much as you do. Now is the time to bring them outside to train once and awhile.

Bringing your client outside will break up the monotony of working out and get them outside. Boot camps and other group exercises are very popular right now, but you could also have your one-on-one client outside as well.

There are several ways to get your clients outside to train. An easy way is to incorporate a short run during a circuit routine. At the end of the circuit take your client outside for a wind sprint. This will increase the intensity of the workout and also break it up so that it seems to go by faster. If your gym has a parking lot or sidewalk nearby you could have your client do a set of extended walking lunges. I refer to these as parking lot lunges.


If you have a weight loss client and it is a scheduled cardio day, take them on a run through a park or downtown. They will enjoy this new adventure and will most likely be requesting one if they like to run outdoors. If you have some hiking trails close by, they can make great training tools. The hills and valleys offer a variety of challenges that will make the workout more challenging.

A park workout can be a good alternative to indoor training as well. Most parks will have some kind of monkey bars that can serve as pull-up bars and dip bars. With the extensive variety of pull-ups and dips, your client can get a great upper body and core routine. Add a few sets of body-weight squats, lunges and push-ups and you have an outdoor circuit routine!

When training clients outdoors be mindful of the weather forecast and have your clients dress appropriately. Using the outdoors will not only give your clients a break from their normal routine, but it will make you more visible to the public. This can be a free form of soft marketing. Place your gym bag and clip board on a bench that is visible and have fliers for your service on top for people to take. Training outside is fun and can also allow more potential clients to see how professional you are.


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