The following abdominal training is derived from the MMA Fight Club in Belgium.  Remember no abs, no legs, no legs, no fight. Check out Part 1 here.

The Training


  1. Lie straight on your back with your legs up, tibia/fibula (shin) parallel to the floor. Do crunches, shoulders off the floor and then shoulders touching the floor. Repeat 20 times, then immediately go to;
  2. Legs down, knees bent, feet flat and palms of the hands on the floor, raising your Gluteus Maximus off the floor. 20 repetitions, then immediately go to;
  3. Legs down, knees bent, feet flat with arms crossing the chest. 20 more crunches, making sure the shoulders touch the floor; then go immediately to;ab_crunch_colored
  4. Legs down, knees bent, feet flat, have the hands reach the knees, having the shoulders remain off the floor proceed with 20 crunches. Rest 20 seconds, then;
  5. Feet off the floor, with tibia/fibula (shin) slightly below parallel to floor, palms of hands under Glutes, feet crossed and below the knees. Now raise the knees toward the ceiling causing the Gluteus Maximus to raise off the floor. Do 20 reps;
  6. Then, same position but arms cross on the chest and hands on shoulders. Twist to the left, raising the torso, torso still raised back to center, then twist to the right, always keeping torso elevated, feet flat on the ground and arms crossed across the chest. Do 20 reps, then;
  7. Sit up, hands under your chin, raise your legs 30 degrees off the floor and do crosses. If you lose your balance, then start by balancing the body with your hands on the floor, behind your back. then;
  8. Seated leg raises, again with your hands under your chin. Leaning back, alternate the legs being raised up and down, keeping them 30 degrees off the floor. Do 20 reps. then;
  9. With legs still raised, do seated circles with the feet. Start by doing circles clockwise, then counter clockwise, 10 each;
  10. Knees bent with feet getting as close to the Glutes as possible, right hand on left shoulder and left hand reaching toward the left foot. Do 20 to work the obliques. Then, repeat on opposite side, working the right obliques.

You can always add ankle and wrist weights if the repetitions become too easy or you are moving beyond 50 repetitions.

Outside the gym I like working the transversus abdominis in the following manner.

While sitting at your desk slowly draw in your abdomen situated below the belly button upwards and inwards, away from the belt line. This is performed during normal breathing and ribcage relaxed. Contraction should be sustained for 10 seconds.

You must train to sustain the punch.


David Brancato

David Brancato

Dr. Brancato’s cumulative experience in nutrition, alternative medicine, chemistry, toxicology, physiology directed him to holistic approaches in human physiology to correct system imbalances. He maintains his professional certifications as a Naturopath from the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board; the National Federation of Professional Trainers; Black belts in Kick Boxing and Kenpo.