Whether you’ve been in a business class recently or not, I’m guessing you’ve heard of the Four P’s of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Simple words used to establish a crucial marketing mix for determining a brand’s unique selling points. Put these words together for the purpose of developing strategy and they become the context for marketing success.

I particularly like catch phrases, taglines, axioms and various mnemonic devices that help me retain information or to spread information effectively to others especially when it’s short, sweet and to the point. After all, isn’t that how the marketing gurus do it? And, they manage to get it stuck in our heads – genius!

My little twist on the Three P’s of Personal Training will not get stuck in your head like the T.J. Maxx jingle gets stuck in mine, but it may help identify an area that deserves your attention; an area that may be crucial to your personal training business.

The First P of Personal Training: Protect

Protect Yourself with a Certification

Your clients begin a relationship with you based on trust. They trust your ability. They trust your knowledge. Where does this trust come from? Many of them assume that you have a legitimate credential, and unfortunately there are many trainers out there who don’t.

By being certified you are protecting yourself. If your desire is to work for a big facility, a certification will protect your likelihood of being hired. If you start your own private studio, a certification will protect your livelihood from being compromised. For instance, if or when a client becomes unhappy or injured, being able to provide an overview of your credentialed education will go a long way in diverting a lawsuit or simply helping them to see your well-thought-out fitness plan.

Protect Your Business with Insurance

You’ve worked very hard to establish your reputation as a professional personal trainer, but it only takes one time for all your hours of sweat to be jeopardized. It is important that you protect your business from expensive claims that may come from third-party personal injury or other damages. Whether you are working for that large gym, a private studio or even in clients’ homes, insurance is critical to protecting your financial investment: your business.

Protect Your Career with Continuing Education

You’re certified. You’ve protected yourself, your business and your investment with liability insurance. Now, it is essential you do not let your certification lapse. Staying up to date with the changes and additions to the industry will add to your credibility and competency as a personal trainer. Continuing your education is vital to your ongoing success.

Getting the credential is half the protection battle. If you’re training without CPR/AED and/or without insurance, you’re opening yourself up for a world of hurt! Protecting yourself means protecting your clients – and that’s protecting your livelihood.

The Second P of Personal Training will be highlighted next Wednesday. Come back to find out what it will be! What advice would you give a personal trainer who is just starting in the industry? (And, of course, it has to start with a “P”!)