Back pain is a very common problem. Many people suffer from chronic back pain every day. As trainers we need to know how to deal with clients that have back pain and how to help them prevent it. Hopefully this will help you give your clients some suggestions they could use to prevent back pain and keep on track with their fitness goals.

What causes back pain?

While there can be many factors involved regarding back pain, some common sources are, stress, strained muscle, poor posture, sudden jerk or fall, and even sleeping in the wrong position can lead to back pain. Back pain can range from a mild ache to a very intense pain. It is one of the leading causes people miss work.

How to avoid back pain.Back Pain at Work

Today I will discuss how to help prevent back pain in your clients at the work place. If your clients work at a desk most of the day chances are they have experienced some form of back pain. This can be caused by sitting idle for long periods of time and maintaining improper posture. The key to a pain free back at the office is to have an ergonomic set up at your desk.  Educate your clients on proper desk ergonomics. There are several different methods of this, but they all will assist the client with improving his workspace. Maintaining proper posture will go a long way with avoiding back pain. Make sure to tell them to take a break every hour or so by standing up and walking to get a drink or chat with a coworker. Even a couple minutes on their feet will help.

If your clients work in a more physical job setting such as construction or a factory where they are moving all day it is important to remind them to move safely. Lift heavy objects with your legs and avoid bending at the waist and wear proper foot wear. While avoiding all back pain when doing a physical job is difficult, proper techniques can help your clients prevent most of it.


Safety first when it comes to back pain. Have your client seek professional medical help first. Once they have been checked by their medical professional and they have cleared to resume exercise and normal activities you should focus on their core muscles to strengthen and condition them. A good core routine will go a long way in keeping your back strong. Look for a blog post on a great core routine coming soon.


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