One huge area that not enough personal trainers are benefiting from is training “special population” individuals. This is a vast group of people that desperately need trainers. It includes mostly those with medical conditions who desire or truly need a personal fitness trainer because of their current condition.

Sadly, an ever-growing demographic is that of the cancer patient. But, on the bright-side, the number of cancer survivors is also on an upswing. According to a new research study from 2015, “cancer is still a leading cause of death in the United States, but advances in radiation, chemotherapy and targeted treatments have improved survival [over the past few decades]”. This is a group of special populations that is in dire need of trainers to step up and provide the fitness guidance they need to fully recover.

It is becoming more well known that exercise during and after cancer surgery and Cancer Recovery Specialist Covertreatments is extremely helpful for one’s physical and mental well-being. The biggest problem is that most trainers are not equipped to train this demographic, or feel nervous about doing so. And for good reason. Trainers are often faced with how to effectively help a cancer survivor to maintain their quality of life without putting them at risk of injury.

It can be a scary place to be as a trainer and one can, rightfully, become reluctant to train someone in these conditions for fear of worsening how they feel. Without the proper training and guidance, you as a trainer should not be training these demographics. That’s why NFPT, in partnership with Recovery Fitness, has developed a course to help you reach these potential clients! The Cancer Recovery Specialist course is just what you need to help cancer patients and survivors get back to their lives and keep them staying strong. Through our course you will learn to improve the quality of a cancer survivor’s life through the right kind of exercise, strengthening and stretching.

The next step is finding clients who fit the bill and want or need a trainer to help them. By getting your NFPT Cancer Recovery Specialist credential, you can be part of the Medical Fitness Network and work with cancer recovery clients in your area!

MFNMFN is all about educating people about healthy living and complementary healthcare management of chronic diseases/medical conditions and their risk factors. Their main goal is to connect consumers with qualified fitness trainers who are interested in working with those with medical conditions. MFN provides a free national network of personal trainers and other healthcare professionals with a background in treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases and medical conditions, including training cancer patients and survivors.

Here are some Action Steps for you:

  1. Register and pass NFPT’s Cancer Recovery Specialist course to receive your credential showing you can adequately train cancer survivors.
  2. Show the Medical Fitness Network you are able to train cancer survivors because of your credential with NFPT and sign up for an MFN Membership.
  3. Get connected with cancer patients and survivors who wholeheartedly want to have a personal trainer to help them through their recovery.
  4. Know that you’ve made a significant impact on someone else’s life!



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