Motility Training is accessible nutrition and fitness through what more and more individuals are accustomed to using: their mobile phone. The Motility Training mobile platform helps professionals deliver expert personalized fitness to individuals in every environment, helping trainers and trainees build relationships both existing and new. It was designed to function as a virtual community for fitness industry experts to showcase workouts and programs that include informative tips, images, and easy-to-follow videos available to individuals 24/7.

The Motility Training™ goal for the fitness enthusiast is to create an app that will help industry experts serve as fitness professionals on the forefront of their trainee’s everyday routine; one that eliminates the common excuses of time, cost and convenience. Motility Training™ is poised to revolutionize the way fitness experts train and communicate with clients, promote themselves and generate income.

No doubt, there are plenty of options in the world of fitness apps. What makes Motility Training™ different? First and foremost, Motility Training™ wants to keep the expert in the equation. We think that safety and instruction is paramount, so this platform is filled with proper form demonstrated by fitness professionals. Through specific goals and metrics, users can find the trainer that is right for them and a program that is more likely to lead to long-term success.

Motility Training Benefits for Fitness Professionals:


  • Build and upload custom workouts and meal plans for clients
  • Enhance current client relations
  • Promote yourself with a trainer profile
  • Track client progress anywhere
  • Post and promote fitness classes


Through all-encompassing search and geo-location functions, trainers best suited to a trainees needs, are accessible through user-friendly profiles that best summarize the type of workouts they teach. Utilizing patent-pending technology, Motility Training pairs users with certified personal trainers and delivers customized programs designed around specific information about the individual.

Using the Motility Training™ platform and app is like having a database of clients in your pocket. Whether clients are traveling the world or working from home, they simply need to pull up Motility Training™ and follow the trainer’s recommended workouts to keep on track and not let excuses or a little indulgence get in the way of their goals.

Motility Training™ was built on the fundamental belief that fitness can be a lifestyle choice and modern technology can make it accessible for everyone. After years in the corporate grind, founder Ben Robinson realized the need for change in his own life and systematically worked to restore fitness as a top priority. He saw an opportunity to connect certified personal trainers to a broader audience through modern technology and gathered a team of techies, former athletes and leading fitness professionals to create Motility Training™.

Fitness begins with a conversation about ones goals and needs, and Motility Training™ recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a true fitness plan. Whether trainers work from their office of commute from trainee to trainee, Motility Training™ has the features to keep them connected.

Fitness professionals can enjoy a mobile application that is designed specifically for trainers, build customized workouts and meal plans, enhance their current client relations, promote themselves with a trainer profile, track client progress anywhere, and post and promote their fitness classes.


There are many apps on the market that help individuals track their nutrition and fitness. Sustainable results are rarely achieved with a one-dimensional solution and the Motility Training™ app includes important nutrition components, and takes it further with workout programs, tracking and the introduction of a true trainer-client relationship.

The Motility Training™ platform and its flagship app are an accessible format for the modern lifestyle and individuals looking for sustainable results that can be reached at their own pace. True Expert Fitness. Anytime, Anyplace.

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