Lebert Fitness is a world leader in innovative body weight training tools.

About Lebert

Marc Lebert is the inventor of the LEBERT EQUALIZERS™, the LEBERT BUDDY SYSTEM™ and the LEBERT STRETCH STRAP™, used by Personal Trainers, fitness clubs, gyms, schools and sports centers all over the world. Marc has excelled at sports all his life but his passion for weight training began at college where he first stepped foot in the weight room. He has been working out religiously ever since! Along the way Marc also became very enthused about Taekwondo, earning his Black Belt, fighting competitively on a National Level and instructing. As the Strength and Conditioning coach for Billy “The Kid” Irwin, Marc also began learning the “sweet science”, and boxing is a real passion for him, teaching high energy, dynamic classes every week. Marc is a Certified Personal Trainer and proprietor of Personal Strength Fitness Inc. training clients in their homes, corporations and at his fitness club, Fitness NATION in Mississauga. Marc has his BA in Psychology and is a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. Marc is a published writer and international presenter, running educational courses and motivational seminars around the world and makes regular TV appearances.

His Creations

“The EQUALIZER™ was originally designed to perform a body weight pull up in a group or home setting. It has evolved to be one of the most versatile tools on the market today.  The EQUALIZERS™ performs as an agility ladder, body weight training/manual resistance tool, used in Group Ex, PT, schools, martial arts conditioning and is a bootcamp and field training favorite!

I realized the need for a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile, piece of equipment that would solve this need so I built a prototype with a friend, which was heavy and unattractive to say the least. Many months were spent practicing exercises on the bars, building different configurations, one bar vs. two bars, etc. until the design, height, width, leg length and other specs (gauge of steel, size of steel pipe, grips, feet) came to where they are now which is a set of two (bright yellow or pink) steel bars each weighing 8 pounds.

With the product came the ideas for many exercises, uses and programming. The EQUALIZER™ has transformed into something that can also be used in fitness classes, sport conditioning, stretching and total body workouts. It can be used as a stand-alone product or easily incorporated into existing programming and with other products.

My next product, the LEBERT BUDDY SYSTEM™, is a tandem resistance training product with unique bi-lateral rowing and pressing motions. Ultra-Portable, cost-effective, flexible and very dynamic- the LEBERT BUDDY SYSTEM™ is a must for personal trainers, group exercise, military, boot camps, schools and team training.

The LEBERT STRETCH STRAP™ is my latest product and developed because I see a real need in my group exercise classes that I teach for a simple tool to help facilitate stretching.  With the assistance of two-time Olympian and Master Yoga Instructor, Ann Green, we developed just that. The LEBERT STRETCH STRAP™ is also a great tool for improving performance and assisting with physio-therapy, pain relief and can easily be used at the home or office."



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