One of the biggest things we face in our business is burnout as we try to reach the needs of many. We are faced with demands that may not align with how we want to coach others. However, demand plays on our financial need to stay current with trends in order to maintain income. Learn how to leverage the Laws of Attraction to achieve the professional success and personal abundance you desire.

balancing heart and mindDefining Your Truth

Demand pulls us very far from our center being, as we intuitively know who, what, and how we want to run our businesses. This intuition is called your truth. It is your guidance system. It is your gut instinct. Your truth is unique to you as it exists solely for you in your current moment whether on a personal and/or professional matter.

As you are pulled from your truth the mind analyzes the “how” of accomplishing your truth. The mind is very powerful and persuasive. Its job is to problem-solve. Through problem-solving, the mind is trying to maintain feelings of safety and security. The mind considers past experiences that you fear being repeated in the future.

The fear of repeating the past holds you back from progressing into your future. As you are trying to make decisions in the present that will set you up for the future, your past fears bring forward questions of doubt. As much as we think this is our intuition, it is not.

Fear becomes the driving force when you ignore your intuition and the mind is solely involved in the decision-making process. The safety nets developed during a time of challenge in our past no longer serve a purpose in the present. The past is done, the future is undecided, and the present is the only time that exists.

Scarcity Vs Abundance

How do you not focus on your financial need when income determines whether the doors stay open or not? The difference may be whether your mindset is focused on scarcity or abundance. Knowing what you do not want creates a desire for what you do want. Focusing your energy on what you do want will open the doors for opportunities you cannot otherwise see when you are too focused on the fear of what you don’t want.

As you focus on your desire, you are maintaining alignment with your truth which will naturally bring you abundance. Your desire is to make enough money to support yourself and keep your business’s doors open. You tap into your desire by coaching and running your business the very way that makes you happy.

This alignment of personal truth and desire reaping abundance is called the Laws of Attraction. It is far from a new concept. But it is growing in ubiquity as people are looking to break fruitless patterns in their quest for whole-body wellness. People are craving peace of mind in lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition.

Align With Your Personal Truth

Many clients struggle with their fitness and nutrition because their lifestyle does not align with their truth. You see this when clients frequently reschedule appointments, binge eats, or altogether quits after a certain amount of time which is usually before 6 months of coaching. People will eventually jump back into an exercise and nutrition routine based upon the next trend.

When it comes to your business, it’s important to focus on your truth, as outlined by the Laws of Attraction. You want to attract the clientele that is looking for your unique offerings and not trends. There are always going to be those out there that want you to provide them with the latest and greatest. However, as long as you are maintaining your truth by focusing on and actively working to your desire you might find that the abundance you crave flows in naturally and effortlessly.

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Tara Haislip

Tara Haislip is a certified AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Consultant and founder of TENHealth & Wellness. She has an accomplished 18-year dance career including a BA in Modern Dance Performance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After suffering an injury early in her career, Tara’s healing process included nutrition and holistic fitness practices. It was then she discovered her passion for wanting to help others live more healthful lives. In 2017, she created TENHealth & Wellness, an online nutrition and wellness service, teaching clients to manage health through nutrition and lifestyle changes.