One of the most difficult things about owning and running a business for 25 years is keeping up with the changes. Not just in your business or our industry, but change in our culture as a whole. There are shifts that change every aspect of running a business long-term. Over the past 25 years we have had to make a lot of changes. Some are big, some are small. The best example that I have of NFPT adapting to the changing culture was our first website.

Many people and businesses did not see the value in the Internet. NFPT saw it as another way to get our name out there. A tool to utilize. We got a website and opened doors for many more people to access our business. Ever since we have been trying to stay up to date as much as possible.

Examples of cultural changes today are abundant. With the Internet now in such high usage, things are always changing. Facebook, Twitter, blogs. The majority of Americans now get news through at least one digital, web-based device. Desktops and laptops are the primary platform, but the number of consumers who get news mostly by phone is growing. The most common way that people get news is by going directly to a news source’s website or app. It’s projected within the next 15 years all printed news sources will be completely digital.

There are so many ways for potential clients to connect with your business. Not only are there a million more ways for them to, but consumers are expecting businesses to be changing in these ways. With these fast-paced changes always happening, its sink or swim.

Keeping up with the times is sometimes a scary thing. It is much more comfortable to do just what we know. We are afraid of what change will bring. We are afraid of failure or embarrassment. You need to be reminded that change isn’t always bad. Change can be good. Just remember to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to change it!

Ron Clark

Ron Clark is the Founder of National Federation of Professional Trainers, NFPT. From U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant to Competitive BodyBuilder, then Firefighter and Certified Personal Trainer – he founded NFPT in 1988 with a mission to make fitness training careers accessible to every day fitness enthusiasts who want to turn their passion into their livelihood. Ron has always led with a heart of service, and, in that spirit, he helps people to achieve real and practical career goals that serve a greater good in changing people’s lives. He lives and leads by example, being a personal trainer himself for more than 10 years before setting out to develop a certification program that is real-world and foundational to the goals of personal trainers and their clients. Click Here to learn more about Ron’s story and NFPT’s inception.