There are many potential clients out there that are very difficult to get, even though they are in the market for a personal trainer.

These are the ones that absolutely hate going to the gym, hate dieting and seem to get zero joy from working out. But, they want to be in shape. How can we approach them successfully?

One way is to listen very carefully to their goals. Even though you might not agree with them, or think that they are feasible. If they want to only do cardio and legs, then let them. Try not to force them to do things that they are not comfortable with. Just go with what they want at first. This will give the client confidence and build trust with you. Then you can slowly make adjustments to the routine to get better results. Remember, this is their body and their goals.Tough Clients

Give them positive feedback. These are not the clients that will get motivated by you yelling at them for not following their diet. They will likely cancel their membership. Always try and give positive encouragement. If you need to correct something, do so in a nice way.

Make the workouts fun. Don’t make them easy, just enjoyable. This will help reinforce the mindset of how your personal training service is fun, and effective.

Do a free trial membership. Give them a week or so of free training. This will give you several opportunities to sell your services to them. Make it count!

If it is possible, train them at a private studio. Since gyms can be intimidating, privacy can go a long way. If you do not have access to a studio, try to set up times that are not as busy at the gym where you train.

Use a wide variety of routines. Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts get bored from time to time with their workouts. Change things up often. If they tell you some crazy routine they saw on TV, give it a shot! Only if it is safe, of course.

This all may sound too lenient, but don’t take it the wrong way. These clients hate everything about the gym atmosphere. So your job is not only to give them personal training advice, but to also change their mindset and outlook on gyms in general. Once you have, they will likely become the best clients anyone could ask for.

This is just one area of tough clients. What types of clients have you transformed form exercise hating to exercise addicts?


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