Knowledge on health and fitness has never been more readily available and popular. Almost every employer that offers health insurance will have some sort of health fair, guest speaker or health competition of some kind for the employees. Infomercials on TV, Facebook ads and the rising popularity of fitness in general have everyone up to speed on the latest health and fitness topics to some degree.

With this in mind, being a personal trainer has never been harder from a knowledge and experience standpoint. Keeping up on current health topics and furthering your own knowledge has never been more important.

Having a client that is more knowledgeable than you are on a given topic may not be a bad thing. Having most of your clients more knowledgeable than you are could be a recipe for bad news. After all, why do clients hire personal trainers? One reason will almost always be that they need to learn more about health and fitness in order to feel more comfortable training on their own.Home Study

Furthering your knowledge can be costly in some cases. Or mandatory to renew your certification in others. But the Internet is full of valuable information that is free. Furthering your knowledge for the above reasons is important, of course, but furthering your knowledge on your own for the purpose of learning can be just as valuable.

Pick topics that are thrown around your gym and learn all you can about them. When someone asks about it you may be able to impress them with your knowledge and gain a new client. If a current client asks you, being able to answer them quickly and correctly is always a plus.

Our clients are getting more and more educated on health and fitness. That is a good thing. It is a sign that the general population is taking more interest in their health. This means that we as trainers must continue to be diligent when it comes to furthering our own education.

The days of picking up a fitness magazine and scrolling the pages may not be enough anymore. I’m not saying that you have to be an expert on all things fitness, but having a wide ranging knowledge base will always help you. It is never a waste of time or money to further your education. It will always pay off in the long run.


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