Everyone likes a good prank now and then, even if it’s being pulled on you. Maybe in the moment it’s not very funny, but if you have even a sliver of a sense of humor it can be laughed at afterwards. Good thing for all of us, it’s April Fools’ today! Here are some great pranks to pull on some of your fitness friends today.

  • Change their workout playlist to something they definitely AREN’T used to working Laughing Manout to. If they usually listen to heavier, rock music make sure to give them a Bieber-exclusive playlist. Or, if all they listen to is rap, maybe put some Marvin Gaye on instead!
  • While at the gym, move their gear from one locker to another locker while they’re working out. This, of course, means you have to have their trust to know their padlock code. Now is as good a time as any to break that trust…for a good laugh, of course.
  • Soak their after-the-gym socks in water. Make sure to keep an extra pair handy to give them when they get really upset with you. Because they will.
  • Replace your favorite “meathead’s” protein powder with flour. Careful, some may be enraged to violence!
  • Switch out some prepped meals they’ve made with food they hate. Make sure you have their real¬†meals on stand by, though!

What are some other great pranks you can think of or ones that you’ve already pulled on some fitness friends?


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