On May 19, 40 states will be participating in National Kids to Parks Day by hosting special events. The 2nd Annual celebration has a simple, yet life changing mission – “to remind adults to take a child in their lives to a park…”- where they can hike, learn about a historic site, canoe down a river or have fun playing on their neighborhood slides and swings.

So, what does this have to do with you? As personal trainers, it’s important for you to connect with your clients and to show you truly care about them. It’s also your mission to make sure they don’t just “live fitness” when they are an arm’s length away from you, but they integrate it into their daily lives – and the lives of their children. You are their role model, they are their children’s.

Make fitness fun for your clients. And, give them the tips they need to make fitness fun for their families. Ask your clients, “Have you ever tried to say to a thirteen-year-old, ‘Hey, why don’t you go for a run with me before you head out to your friends?’ More importantly ask them, “Has your child ever answered yes to that question?” I’m going to guess that 90% of the time they haven’t asked or the conversation didn’t end very well.

Set up this scenario for your client instead:

Imagine if you said to your son or daughter, “Why don’t you call a friend and see if they want to go hiking this weekend. We’ll explore caves and even go canoeing down a rocky river. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see some animals and try to identify other animal tracks.”

Obviously, I’m not a thirteen-year-old, but that sounds way cooler than spending time running in circles around a neighborhood – alone – with my parent. The best part – they have no idea they are exercising. Getting them outside, exploring nature keeps them active and interested in the world around them. It instills in them a sense of pride for their bodies and for their environment.

What other tips do you share with your clients that they can take home to their families?