Egg Whites International are 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites and the most versatile form of protein IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

Dieters, Bodybuilders, Vegetarians, Gastric By-Pass Patients, Athletes, Those Interested in Good Health and Busy People “On-the-Go” are just a few of those that consume our Pure Liquid Egg Whites.

Why? Because you can stir them in a drink in a matter of seconds and be down with it!

Imagine a protein drink that you can make taste like anything you want, any time you want. Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, Kona Coffee or just Orange Juice. You name it! You are only limited by your own imagination. Our All Natural, 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites are pasteurized, salmonella tested, USDA & Kosher approved. Best of all, they are double filtered to have the smooth consistency with milk.

The human body cannot completely and safely digest a raw egg white. So, if you like to do the “Rocky Routine” with a raw egg or raw egg white in your drink, you are wasting your time, not to mention the threat of Salmonella. Avidin, which is found in raw egg whites, blocks the uptake of Vitamin B6 (Biotin) causing a vitamin deficiency. You much cook the egg white to neutralize the Avidin and allow your body to safely digest the protein and utilize all its amino acids. Unfortunately, cooking also starts to destroy the protein.

Our 100% pure liquid egg whites are heat pasteurized and salmonella tested. The pasteurization process heats the egg white to 134 degrees for 3.5 minutes. This heat kills the salmonella and neutralizes the Avidin to allow the egg whites to be digested safely by the human body. When you cook an egg white to the point of scrambled eggs, you are overcooking the protein and denaturing the true value of the protein. Therefore, 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites are liquid but not raw, making them the purest form of protein in the entire world! They will stay good in your refrigerator for 90 to 120 days and can be safely kept frozen indefinitely.

You can literally take one cup of Liquid Egg Whites and make the fluffiest omelet you have every had. OR, take one cup of liquid egg whites and add some suger free chocolate syrup, and you and your kids would not know it’s not chocolate milk. REALLY!

One 8-ounce cup of liquid egg whites supplies 26 grams of pure 100% bioavailable protein, with only 2 carbs, zero fat, zero cholesterol and only 120 calories. Basically, 10 egg whites. The world’s best protein for losing weight, managing weight and for building muscle.

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