To keep your fitness business up and running for 25+ years like ours, you need to have a few things straight. One of those things is realizing you are in a service-based industry. You and your business should be serving people. It should be your main goal. So, needless to say, having great service for your customers is key for your fitness business. I believe it has been one of the keys of the continued success of NFPT.Customer Service

One of the things we here at NFPT pride ourselves on is our superb customer service. We constantly get compliments on our internal staff and the help they give. We have a dedicated staff who cares about our trainers and their careers. I believe that fact alone sets us higher then the rest of the certification companies out there. And I know others would say the same. Here we have one example of a satisfied NFPT affiliate:

“I’d like to say that I am DELIGHTED with NFPT’s Customer Service. Every time I call I get a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff member that is eager to help me. I highly recommend being certified through NFPT. My experience for the last two and a half years has been excellent.”
–Rebecca Ruckle Diehl


You need to show your customers and clients that you actually care. It shouldn’t be about a paycheck for you. It should be about the wellbeing, continued progression and the overall bettering of your clients. And this brings us to my last point in this series. You have to love what you do! Not everyone is meant to be a personal trainer. You need to want to help and serve others. If you are just in this industry for the money, you better pack up and leave because you won’t make it long.

Ron Clark

Ron Clark is the Founder of National Federation of Professional Trainers, NFPT. From U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant to Competitive BodyBuilder, then Firefighter and Certified Personal Trainer – he founded NFPT in 1988 with a mission to make fitness training careers accessible to every day fitness enthusiasts who want to turn their passion into their livelihood. Ron has always led with a heart of service, and, in that spirit, he helps people to achieve real and practical career goals that serve a greater good in changing people’s lives. He lives and leads by example, being a personal trainer himself for more than 10 years before setting out to develop a certification program that is real-world and foundational to the goals of personal trainers and their clients. Click Here to learn more about Ron’s story and NFPT’s inception.