Communication is a big part of personal training. In fact it may be the single most important aspect of personal training. Being able to communicate well will be the foundation of your success as a trainer. Everything from attracting new clients to interviewing for new positions, having good communication skills will help you in all situations. When it comes to communicating with your clients using the proper tone of voice, terminology and body language will help build the client-trainer relationship.

Each client is different and will require you to address them differently. The athlete will enjoy you yelling and pushing them as hard as possible each second. The average person who you are training may not be as well motivated by a drill instructor. They may like to be given instructions in a calm voice rather than a sterner one. Also using the proper terminology is very important. When you use big words to describe simple things you may sound like your speaking down to someone or talking over their head to demonstrate how much you know. While it is important to be able to use an advanced vernacular, being able to know when to use it will go a long way. You need to be like a chameleon when it comes to talking with your clients and speak to each of them in a way that will give them the best motivation and direction, and ultimately, the best results.

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Body language is also an import factor in communication. The way you carry yourself says a lot about you. People will be able to read if you an approachable person or someone that appears to be standoffish. It can be hard to tell how people perceive your body language. Ask your fellow trainers if you seem approachable enough. Smiling and saying high to people throughout the day may be just enough to give off that extra bit of trainer charm.

As a personal trainer you are a leader in the gym. Everyone will know that going in. In some cases being a drill instructor is the best way to go. In other situations being compassionate will be better. There are many good sources out there to study communication skills and how to perfect yours. If you are not comfortable speaking with everyone and talking at all levels doing some extra work in that area good benefit you greatly. In a sense the key to your success as a personal trainer is being a successful communicator!


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