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Building personal training clientele without spending money is possible by using some creative approaches. A little time and focused energy will boost your training business. Check out these three tried-and-true ideas to build clientele without spending a dime.  

Social Media

Social media is a valuable resource in promoting your personal training business and helping to build clientele. Establish your brand, which is you, and stick to it. If you tout yourself as a health nut, be sure to keep all posts focused on health. You don’t want to have a photo of you downing beers in a bar, eating a double banana split or smoking a cigarette (We know that would never happen anyway!). 

Consider a separate Instagram or Facebook account geared strictly to fitness. Learn about the different fitness hashtags, use them in all your posts, and vary them. Follow exercise enthusiasts and grow your own followers along the way. Create healthy memes to encourage others. Post success stories. Keep your audience engaged on a weekly basis. Get some exercise YouTube videos of you in action.

Be sure to have your contact information easily accessible. 

Create a hashtag to identify you and use it whenever possible. Put it with your signature, on promotional materials and anywhere you can spread your name and business. An easy-to-remember hashtag will help potential clients remember who you are. #bicepbill #plankingprincess #toptrainer4U 

Client Referrals 

Word of mouth can go a long way. Offer your current clients a special deal for referring other clients to you. Draw up a referral form to make it official. Or you can just have the prospective client give you the name of the referral. 

Your client might be offered a percentage reduction in their training costs or an extended training session as an incentive. It’s a win-win for both of you. 


Having happy customers/clients write positive reviews is another way to grow without spending money. Get quotes from clients and post on social media or your website, if you have one.

Use the quotes for brochures and email correspondence. 

Sometimes people are shy about writing comments or quotes. It could be handy to have some suggestions to help guide them: 

“My training experience with ____ made me feel better inside and out. Personal training is definitely worth it.”

“I had no idea what I was getting into when I started my personal training sessions. ______ was patient with me being a beginner and explained things on simple terms. I grew stronger and felt healthier within a short time.”

“After having two kids, I couldn’t lose my excess weight and had no energy. Through months of training with ______, I got my energy back and my waistline.”

Learn More About Personal Trainer Certification

NFPT certified professional trainers are supported in their business development and are provided the tools they need to succeed and get more personal training clients especially when first starting out.

Get ready for business. You might have so many people knocking on your door, you’ll need a waiting list! 

Kim Becknell Williams

Kim Becknell Williams is a freelance writer with more than ten years of personal training experience. Certified through NFPT, she is a Functional Training Specialist and holds a Master Trainer level certificate for resistance, endurance and sports nutrition. Kim has written two books including Gym Etiquette 101. She enjoys writing a variety of lifestyle articles and fitness blogs.