It is a sad, simple fact in life. We as people will always regret something. Whether it’s something we’ve said or done, we are bound to mess up and think back on what we could have done differently. As a trainer, you need to be prepared to deal with other’s regrets in their lifestyle choices.

Your clients will, no doubt, feel some sort of regret when it comes to their health. They will have wished they hadn’t stayed sedentary for so long, or ate the fatty meal the other night or put off their physical therapy after a surgery. Knowing how to combat that or use those regrets to better them now is the key! Find them where they are.

Recently we noticed a social thread about this exact topic. It asked fitness enthusiasts, those who are looking to get in shape and regular Joe’s “what are your biggest health and fitness regrets? What do you wish you had done differently?” What a great question since it is so universal, since we all are bound to have regrets. Because it was so universal, there was a huge response with a lot of great answers!

I was of the mindset that cardio and restricted eating was how I would get the muscular body of my dreams. I would do an insanity video, followed by a 5 mile run, and then basketball and then not eat anything after.A very common theme in health and fitness regrets is people not knowing how the body works and doing things that won’t benefit them in the ways they are desiring them to. As a trainer, this is one of your major pulls for clients. You have the information that they need to succeed. You have the knowledge and wisdom to impart on them for results they are desiring.

Thinking in order to benefit my diet, routine, and everything else had to be perfect, so [ending up] not doing any of it.” Paralysis by analysis is a very real thing. Some people swing the exact opposite way as the first quote and they get stuck on all the details and end up doing nothing at all. You can help clients that feel this way by taking off the pressure of them having all the details squared away when you can deal with that for them. Along with that, these types of people are needing someone to push them and cheer them on as they struggle through the dense world of science-based fitness.

Some users got down to the nitty-gritty practical regrets. “Not taking stretching and mobility seriously,” “Not focusing enough on form.” By enhancing your knowledge in fields that potential clients value will make them see your value as their trainer. We offer plenty of courses with real practicality for all your clients’ needs.

People answered everything from not knowing proper nutrition, getting hooked on sugars and fats, overuse injuries, all the way to “wish I would have started sooner”. There are so many regrets to have when it comes to health and fitness. Figuring out how to use your clients’ regrets to better them now is what you should focus on. Teach them the things they wish they knew. Help them get out of this paralysis of overthinking or fear they might have. Cheer them on and motivate them in the ways they most need it.

What ways can you use clients’ regrets to better them now?

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