Ever wished you could be a fly-on-the-wall in your personal trainer’s office?  Some personal trainers keep certain things to themselves, so not to rock the boat.

Being a personal trainer is hard work.  Early mornings, full days, being a motivator, staying in shape and not always the best pay.  This career is a choice, stemming from a passion to help people.

Enhance your relationship with your personal trainer and make a huge difference in the type of service they give you, by understanding them a little better.

#1 Complaining when it’s time to pay is upsetting.
Most personal trainers are not in the business just for money and it makes them feel bad to hear people complaining and groaning about paying.  It also makes them feel under-valued.  It’s discouraging.

A smile and simple “Thanks for all that you do” is much nicer.

#2 The amount you pay them is not what they take home.
You pay a lot of money for this personal service, but some trainers only see 25% of it. Gym owners take up to 50% of what the client pays for a session.  Then, the trainer pays about 20% in taxes.

After they pay bills and for their own health insurance, they hope to have enough left for a retirement fund and vacation time.

#3 Personal trainers need to snack, pee and take a mental break between sessions.
It’s industry standard to be scheduled every hour, back to back, and in fact – clients demand it.  Give your trainer five minutes to breathe before they start your session, you’ll get more of your moneys worth.

55 minutes is plenty of time to get the job done.  Hop on the treadmill while you wait.  You’ll become your trainer’s favorite client, and ultimately get better service.  (chronic excessive tardiness is a different issue)

#4 Your worries and complaints can be exhausting.
Man With Head Down In Weight RoomPersonal trainers care a lot about your happiness and health, so they listen politely as you vent about your life. Remember, they see many other people like you each day, who also share their personal worries.

Keep it light when working out.  Talk about the task at hand, your goals, accomplishments, health and fitness while you’re with them.  Save your dumping session for your psychologist.

#5 Positive reinforcement and gratitude are the best reward.
“That was a great session.”  “You’re a wonderful leader.”  “Thanks for helping me.”

These are things that some clients say regularly (and others never do) and it makes trainers feel happy about their career choice.  It keeps them going.

While it’s their job to motivate and inspire you, they appreciate a pat on the back too. They’re in it to please you and to make a difference in your life.

#6 When you talk a lot it distracts them from their job.
Most people want to be distracted from their workout.  The truth is, they enjoy talking with you.  But, it makes it harder to get you the results you’re looking for.

Focus on your breathing, your form, what you’re feeling.  Ask them questions about what muscles are being worked or what the goal of the exercise is if you feel the need to talk.

If it’s too boring and awkward not to talk a lot for an hour, consider a 30 or 45 minute session.

#7 Your workout will be the best if you trust your personal trainer.
CEC Section Obtaining CECsPersonal trainers want your workout to be fun, safe and effective too.  They don’t mind you sharing an occasional magazine article or exercise idea, but it’s frustrating when you try to control every last detail of the session/program.

Personal trainers are certified, qualified and spend a lot of time contemplating what is best for you.  Isn’t that why you hired them?

#8 Personal Trainers aren’t responsible for what you do the other 166 hours a week.
They get the opportunity to influence you for one, maybe two, hours a week.  Don’t blame them if you make bad decisions on the other days.  Ask for suggestions and support instead.  Be responsible.

#9 They love it when you ask them health related questions.
Personal Trainers like to guide people and give advice.  When you ask questions, it makes them feel good to find you the answers.  They feel valuable.  They love discussing health and fitness.

#10 Referrals are the best acknowledgement.
If you like what your trainer does for you, tell your friends.  Host an event at your house
and have your trainer speak or demonstrate.

Personal trainers struggle to do it all.  Helping them market is one of the best and easiest things you can do to show your gratitude.  Word of mouth brings in the best new clients.

Kim NickHere’s to keeping the many inspirational personal trainers in our world happy and healthy!

*This information is from opinion and experience, it does not mean every personal trainer thinks this way!

Beverly Hosford

Beverly Hosford, MA teaches anatomy and body awareness using a skeleton named Andy, balloons, play-doh, ribbons, guided visualizations, and corrective exercises. She is an instructor, author, and a business coach for fitness professionals. Learn how to help your clients sleep better with in Bev’s NFPT Sleep Coach Program and dive deeper into anatomy in her NFPT Fundamentals of Anatomy Course.