A large part of being a coach/personal trainer is keeping your clients motivated, but motivating yourself to remain a vigilant and inspiring trainer is just as important. You want them to be successful, learn, and thrive in their newfound active lifestyle. But there are two sides to every coin; as a personal trainer you being motivated is just as important as motivating your clients. What can you do to keep the momentum going for what motivates you and your clients?

We all could use a pep talk and a little push from time to time to get the feel-good juices flowing. With the right words, a flood of excitement can lead to just the motivation we need. This isn’t just to keep you physically going but it helps mentally just the same. The dynamic between the trainer and the client is bi-directional; when the client gets excited, the trainer should excited, and vice versa. Here are a few tips that could keep that spark lit for both you and your clients.

Mix things up

If you’ve been in the fitness game for some time you know how repetitious it can become. Training multiple times a week requires programming and planning, but variety is key. If you stick to the same routine week in and week out you’re going to burn out mentally and bore your clients. The more variety you can conceive, the more you’ll be able to offer to your clients, and the more valuable the service you provide. Try out some classes, get creative with your workouts, set new and unique goals that challenge the mind as well as body, and share these findings with your client.

Buy a new pair of shoes (workout shoes, that is)

This may sound silly and you may be thinking, “What’s that got to do with motivation?”  But, as trainers, we may have a more serious interest in athletic footwear than the average person, and your clients likely bought some new workout gear for their new, active lifestyle. New gear and sharing what you bought, why and where you bought it, and maybe the amazing deal you got can be motivating!  

Do a challenge…together!

Doing a trainer-client challenge has so many amazing benefits for both of you. Pick a challenge, like a plank challenge, any challenge, but do it together. Pick a 5k to walk or run, an obstacle competition that involves practicing strength goals, even something on the nutrition side, like hitting water goals. Whatever you think of, try doing it in tandem.

Listen to a fitness/nutrition podcast

Education is key and fitness is ever-evolving. There’s always a new trend or a new discovery in the science of fitness/nutrition and fitness enthusiasts love to talk about it. Welcome to the world of podcasting! If you’ve ever listened to one of the many fitness/nutrition podcasts out there it’s assured you picked up on some little nuggets of information you can pass along. Having these conversations with your client shows you are engaging in what you are teaching and it also opens them up to information they may not have known was out there. Suggest podcasts for your clients to listen to on their own or consider playing one during your session!

Wrap all this up and you have the recipe to keep you and your client in the game with little to no personal training “plateaus.” The above are just a few ways to keep motivation strong, but undoubtedly there are many more out there. Try to be creative, think outside the box, and encourage each other daily to keep the momentum going!

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Keleigh Hall

Keleigh Hall is a NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, NFPT Sports Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and holds an additional certificate in Core training. Keleigh has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry to include specialty training as well with Total Gym/Gravity Group and Gravity one-on-one, Spartan Instructor training, as well as TRX training. Keleigh is also Founder/Owner of Hallway Fitness with College Education to include: Associates in Health and Fitness Education at Gulf Coast College/ Business Management at University of Phoenix

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