Is the ketogenic diet another high protein, low carb diet? Not exactly. Join us for this episode of NFPT Live to find out what you need to know about this 2018 health and fitness trend.

In this episode we talked about:

  • What is keto, ketogenic and ketosis?
  • How long it takes to get into ketosis
  • Who the ketogenic diet is appropriate for
  • Foods in the ketogenic diet
  • The role of body awareness in “dieting”
  • Why the ketogenic diet can be harmful

Some of our viewers said:

When I was doing keto I ate broccoli, eggs cooked in coconut oil and almonds.

“Too many people count carbs, and not chemicals”-Someone once said

Interesting topic, thanks!

I have tried a Ketogenic diet and found even though I was eating a caloric deficit I was not losing weight. I feel that some people don’t respond as well as others. With me I feel that I need to restore my glycogen stores with a moderate amount of carbs or I trigger a starvation response.

NFPT Live Episode #26

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Beverly Hosford

Beverly Hosford, MA teaches anatomy and body awareness using a skeleton named Andy, balloons, play-doh, ribbons, guided visualizations, and corrective exercises. She is an instructor, author, and a business coach for fitness professionals. Learn how to help your clients sleep better with in Bev’s NFPT Sleep Coach Program and dive deeper into anatomy in her NFPT Fundamentals of Anatomy Course.