The question comes up every so often? – Am I a good trainer? Am I trainer”ing” well enough? Personally, as a trainer, the bar that I have set and continue to set both for myself and clients is always climbing.

As disconcerting as these question may seem I have sure-fire ways to negate any doubt that may set in and help you grow your clientele by being flexible.

Have Flexibility With Your Client’s Fitness Needs and Wants

Being flexible as a professional trainer is crucial. Thanks for my wide-ranging skill set ranging from being a runner/former collegiate athlete and fitness model I am confident in my ability to deliver to clients.


This flexibility makes me versatile as a trainer. It enables me to either create a running program for a client to shed those last few pounds or put together a structured strength training regimen to help a client add some much-needed muscle.

The beauty comes in being able to combine them both, so I now not only have ONE happy client but TWO which will continue to grow as results show and goals are met. This can also serve to strengthen your brand as you can “brandish” your versatility. brand as you can “brandish” your versatility.

As professional trainers, we must be ready for both the casual gym goer in addition to the seasoned fitness junky. These are just a few ways, another way to grow your clientele by being open with your services.

Trainers are in high demand more so than ever due to the spike in obesity and the associated health risk. But how do you or myself stand out as professionals? Personally, I keep my services open with constant accessibility to and for my clients.

For example, once a client signs up I outline what all they now have access to including a meal guide by email outlining diet and fitness tips with related descriptions and examples; this adds accountability.

In addition to this, by remaining flexible in my scheduling I decrease or a eliminate the chances of a training session being canceled. I do this by either meeting at closer location to train whether it be the client’s home or a nearby park or simply rescheduling at an earlier or later time to “fit” the client’s needs.

These may sound simple but they speak volumes to my clients as to my dedication not just to my profession but also to their fitness aspirations. However it does not end there, as a professional you can showcase your expertise.

Showcase Your Expertise

As a trainer, I was very fortunate to have prior experience in athletics. This helped in expanding my interest in nutrition and strength training. This domino effect continued to sprout and here I am today changing the lives of my clients near but potentially people far far away.


Writing this blog also serves the purpose of showcasing my expertise. The years I have devoted in training clients, alongside expanding my knowledge in health and wellness equipped me with both the experience and the confidence to “exercise” what I have learned up to this point.

As fitness professionals being a trainer does not just happen and stop once you receive your certification; it is an ongoing process. One that does not stop once the clients leave for home, the weather turns for the worse, or you revive acclaim for the work you have done.

My expertise is ever growing as I once started as someone who just really loved working out and helping people. Along the way, I started putting two and two together and the pieces all of a sudden started making sense and coming together.

To clients we are “ personal trainers” but to ourselves, we are experts not only limited to personal training. You as a trainer could have studied music in the past so you may be known as the great trainer with the perfect playlists selection during training sessions. This is just one example of showcasing your expertise, as there are countless others. 

There is no limit to what is achievable as a personal trainer. As trainers we all have different backgrounds, knowledge, and skills that we bring to the table, it is up to us to deliver our experiences in the best ways possible in helping our clients achieve their fitness goals.

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Stephen Dassin

Mr. Dassin is an NFPT certified trainer, NFPT author, and fitness model. A staunch humanitarian and intellectual, Stephen boasts over 15 years of experience in the areas of health and fitness. Stephen’s approach to personal training is methodical in nature; his methods take an interpersonal and scientific based view of the connections of the human mind and the human anatomy and it’s capabilities. His passion for fitness is unparalleled. His athletic background fueled his poise in becoming knowledgeable about nutrition as well. This added fuel to his desire to help others achieve their own individual goals in the area of fitness such as himself. Join Stephen on his journey, not just a fitness journey but the greatest journey of them all: Life.