The benefits of using a landmine and the rather simple setup of a holder and barbell allow personal trainers to employ a variety of exercises. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to enhance landmine workouts and wanted to share with you the small additions that make a real difference in getting even greater value for yourself and your clients.

What is a Landmine?

The landmine by itself is an efficient piece of equipment that belongs in any gym or home gym however it has limitations:

  • exercise setup can be a bit time-consuming
  • getting the weight into position to start the lift can be challenging
  • grip issues for those with small hands can surface

Fortunately, there are now attachments and accessory pieces of equipment that will enhance your experience and take your landmine training to the next level. Here are my favorite additions to training with the landmine.


Plate-loaded Landmine Stand

Plate Loaded

– Safely increase the weight on your landmine lifts with a rack-able point to start and finish with
– Allows for easier plate loading, saving you time and frustration
– Start from a comfortable height for your overhead press workouts



Fat Grip Parallel Handle

– Enhance your gains by introducing parallel, oversized handles to your landmine workouts
– Great for landmine rows, pulls, presses, rotational drills, and more
– Compatible with any standard Olympic barbell
– Seamless tube prevents wear and scratching on your barbell
– Slide-over design makes for quick installation


Viking Press Handle


– Enhance your gains by introducing Viking Handles to your landmine workouts
– Compatible with any standard Olympic barbell
– Seamless tube prevents wear and scratching on your barbell- Slide-over design makes for quick installation




Hammer Sleeve Handle

– Extension length increases difficulty and gives you more room for your workoutHammer Sleeve
– Perform a multitude of unilateral movements for deep core activation
– Comfortable 33 mm bar for a better grip compared to your standard 2-inch barbell
– 3-inch Diameter ball for working on your grip strength and for keeping a secure grip on the bar



Gnarly Handles

– Left and right-handedGnarly Handle– Neutral, angled, and horizontal grips

The landmine by itself is good but by adding in a stand to be able to safely “rack” the weight without having to struggle to get the weight into the starting position is a huge plus. Also having attachments to vary your grip from pronated and neutral can really add variety and work different angles of the muscle that wouldn’t be able to prior to the additions. I’ve said it and I will continue to say it, the landmine is a great tool to have when you are training or when training clients. Take the next step in your landmine training arsenal and add these additions.

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Ian Nimblett

Ian Nimblett, CFSC, CSCS, NFPT-CPT and is a functional strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer, and author. He is the founder and owner of Premier Fitness Group LLC in South Salem, NY, a world-class functional training facility that provides private, semi-private, and group training.